TypeError: Cannot read property 'key' of undefined

HI ,
I am new to kibana and in our project we are using kibana of version 6.2.3 while launching kibana dashboard there we are getting error at the top of the page

and in developer page could see the below error
Promise: Detected an unhandled Promise rejection.
TypeError: Cannot read property 'key' of undefined
commons.bundle.js?v=16602:51 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'key' of undefined
at commons.bundle.js?v=16602:51
at Array.forEach ()
at Buckets.AggResponseBucketsProvider.Buckets.forEach (commons.bundle.js?v=16602:51)
at collectBucket (commons.bundle.js?v=16602:21)
at Object.tabifyAggResponse (commons.bundle.js?v=16602:21)
at commons.bundle.js?v=16602:1
at Notifier.logger [as event] (commons.bundle.js?v=16602:1)
at Notifier.wrapper [as event] (vendors.bundle.js?v=16602:88)
at Object.tabify (commons.bundle.js?v=16602:1)
at commons.bundle.js?v=16602:21
at new Promise ()
at handler (commons.bundle.js?v=16602:21)
at commons.bundle.js?v=16602:51


It's difficult to determine as this is a fairly dated version of Kibana at this point. It might be worth upgrading to determine if the problem has been fixed, which is very likely!

For reference, here are Elastic's End of Life dates.


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