UI detailed metrics: captured data has wrong alignment (firefox only)

I am using Version 6.7.0 with firefox
As shown in the picture

the cursor is at position 9:40, the captured data is from 9:41, the inbound value at 9:40 in the chart is definitely below -200 while value the inbound value of 9:41 matches.

The root cause, as shown in the picture
is, that the origin of the marker (here at point zero) is not correctly aligned to the zero point of the graphic.

Unfortunaly this only happens on firefox 60.5.2esr, on Internet Explorer it works correctly.

Do you know any -moz option to fix this issue in css?

@kaem2111 It's actually a bug, its missing the marginLeft attribute on the crosshair component. I fixed this in a PR yesterday https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/34749 and plan on merging it today.

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