Unable install logstash-output-email plugin on logstash 5.5.2

Hi, I have logstash 5.5.2 and when installing email plugin "logstash-output-email" all the time i am getting below error. please help

ERROR: Something went wrong when installing logstash-output-email, message: 403 "Forbidden"

Are you using an HTTP proxy?

Yes. Used both http and https proxy still didnt work and giving me all the time same error

Then I'd bet the error is related to the proxy or possibly the fact that you're not using the proxy (maybe you have a firewall capable of responding 403 to all outbound HTTP requests?).

I am using proxy and able to download the spec.gz file with wget command. But when trying to install the plugin with ./logstash-plugin getting this 403 forbidden error.

How are you configuring Logstash to use the proxy? Have you dumped the network traffic to verify that Logstash is using the proxy? There are lots of things to try here. Be systematic. Over and out.

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