Unable to change bar width in a canvas when x-axis is with timestamp

It is not changing the bar width of a bar chart when x-axis show time.


follows the code used to generate the graph

| essql 
  query="SELECT HISTOGRAM("@timestamp", INTERVAL 10 MINUTES) as timestamp, count(*) as counts FROM "state" group by timestamp ORDER BY timestamp desc"
| pointseries x="timestamp" y="counts" color="timestamp"
| plot defaultStyle={seriesStyle bars=1 horizontalBars=false  } yaxis={axisConfig show=true min=0 }  xaxis={axisConfig min=1692707999900 max=1692709999900}
| render

How can I change the graph to be like below


Hello @KLM,

Have you tried updating the defaultStyle seriesStyle bars=1 value to a higher value?

Yes tried it. but no effect, only when bars = 0 , lines will get disappeared, but for any other value can see the bar and can't see any significant difference in width when change the value of bars.

What I understood is, x axis is based on timestamp. So the line between two axis points has been divided into slots of milliseconds.

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