Unable to configure Nginx as a reverse proxy for elasticsearch on another server


I'm trying to use Kibana on a server A to access elasticsearch on a
server B. elasticsearch is protected with a basic auth authentication on
server B.

Kibana is also protected with basic authentication (and the same password)
on server A.

I'm using this configuration
https://gist.github.com/hlassiege/179866de70c3d8d992ab (inspired from here

I'm just trying the redirection by typing the following address :
http://A.com/es/_search http://a.com/es/_search and I get a error 500. In
the log I have :

2014/06/01 16:45:55 [error] 3721#0: *1 rewrite or internal redirection
cycle while internally redirecting to "/es/_search", client:,
server: A.com, request: "GET /es/_search HTTP/1.1", host: "A.com"

Any idea what could be wrong ?



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