Unable to create index in ElastAlert due to max_result_window error

Hi All,

    We are trying to create alert mechanism using ElastAlert and we followed all the steps of installation and also tried our best to create index in ElastAlert.  But while running create-elast-alert command , we are getting below error in ElastAlert command prompt. 

Also see the screenshot of Elasticsearch sever log in below screenshort.

We also tried to update index by using below CURL command but it is not updating max_result_window .

C:>curl -X PUT "http://localhost:9200/sadik" -d '{ "settings": { { "inde
x.number_of_shards": 1, "index.number_of_replicas": 1,"index.max_result_win
dow" : 2147483647 }

Also followed these steps to update index settings - https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/indices-update-settings.html

We are really stuggling to get it work and tried all possible ways but unable to create index in ElastAlert.

Please need your help urgently on this error.

How to overcome max_result_window?... Please provide the solution.

I have the same problem creating index in ElastAlert.

I have an index, a type and some documents in ES. And hope to send spike alert. I have totally the same error as you got. I also tried to update index.max_result_window but still no luck.

Hope to get some answers here!