Unable to create index pattern in Kibana from Index with Template Applied

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I have a really strange issue that I have not seen within Kibana before. I created index templates for my apache log files, which I have parsing with FileBeat/Logstash.

When the templates are in Elastic and I dump in the log data. The indexes are created and are using the template, but I cannot create an index pattern in Kibana to see the indexes. Kibana does not see the indexes but I see them in elastic from the "Dev Tools"

if I dump the data in elastic, with "no" templates, then they show up in "Index Patterns" and I can create the pattern and see the data in Kibana.

Again, using templates, I do not see the indexes under "Index Patterns" within Kibana, but the indexes are in Elastic.

Any Ideas?

(Michael P. Schneider) #2

little addition. Looks like the index is being made, but nothing is going into it. Checking the Stats on the index with the template applied is showing "index_total" as 0, but another copy of the index that is not using the template shows "index_total" as 1006.

Looks like the Template is a bit strict and this would put this situation into the ElastisSearch area and not Kibana.

I'll work on the template some more.. Thank you

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This little handy trick lets you know if you have data in your elasticsearch:


Hope you get to sort it out.


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