Unable to create index pattern

Hi all,

I'm facing a problem while creating a kibana index pattern .when i select the index to define ,i failed in the step 2 after selecting my time filter field name, who is set as a date type .

Can anyone help me to solve this problem please ?

Kind Regards,

Are you seeing an error of some sort? Can you share a screenshot of what you're experiencing? Without knowing how it failed I can't help much.

I dont see any error ,the only issue that i had is that i cant create the index pattern when i select the time filter field name .
These two screenshots explain more the issue

When you click the "Create index pattern" button nothing happens? Can you open the console in your browser (instructions for chrome here) and see if there are any errors logged there?

I finally resolved the problem by deleting the .kibana index and re-creating my kafkaindex as an index pattern .

Thank you for your help .


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