Unable to filter for presence of meta fields

(Vam Pikmin) #1

Hi I'm not sure what this means and how should I go about fixing it?

I'm using 6.7.1

The following fields are grayed out

t _id nhqbFGoB7LVKCcAvRMhX
t _index winlogbeat-6.7.1-2019.04.13
# _score 1
t _type doc

(kulkarni) #2


Am not too sure of your question. Can you please write the reproduction steps and what are you expecting to see ? Logs and screenshots with steps would help.


(Vam Pikmin) #3

Hi sorry for not being clear, when I hover over _id or _index or _score or _type I get the message "Unable to filter for presence of meta fields. Just not sure if this is normal or not