Unable to find certificate for ca_cert argument while connecting to kibana (for developer)

When downloading elastic kibana for here
we were getting the certificate in a terminal which look like below

HTTP CA certificate SHA-256 fingerprint:

I can connect with elastic using python easily like

ca_certs = "a52dd93511e8c6045e21f16654b77c9ee0f34aea26d9f40320b531c474676228"
client = Elasticsearch(hosts=uri, basic_auth=(username, password), ca_certs=ca_certs)

but when I use kibana for (Developer Guide) no such certificate is been shown in terminal
that's the reason I am unable to connect it via python

I also did try to use certificate inside the file elasticsearch.crt and kibana.crt but it's not working

how can or where can i find the certificate?

Can you please check the Kibana logs under /var/log/kibana/kibana.log as it will contain more information on what is happening.

Have you tried the elasticsearch-certutil command simplifies the creation of certificates for use with Transport Layer Security (TLS) in the Elastic Stack.


I did but the cert which is generating seems to be invalid when trying to pass here

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