Unable to find watch in the watch store


I just got my ELK stack with X-Pack setup. For the most part it seems to be working great. I am seeing a lot of warnings in my logs, about unable to find a watch in the watch store, but I haven't tried to set any watches up yet, so I'm not sure why it's looking for one. THe message is:
[UsbjaLg] unable to find watch [6YB4ekxHTVqn9dW-NCcXcg_kibana_version_mismatch] in the watch store, perhaps it has been deleted.

I tried using curl to remove it the watch, but both Get and Delete to the _xpack/watcher/watch/6YB4ekxHTVqn9dw-NCcXg_elasticsearch_cluser_status url return found:false. Any other steps I can take to stop this warning?

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Can you stop and start watcher again, and see if that message still occurs?

Also, any more messages in the logfile of the master node?



Stopping and Restarting the watcher fixed it. Thanks!

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