Unable to generate report in PDF for kibana iframes in Angular 5


I am using ELK Stack version 6.1.1. I have created the kibana dashboards and embedded the kibana iframes in my dashboard which is in angular 5. My dashboard contains multiple kibana dashboards. I want to generate the report( Which includes kibana dashboards and other details) in the form of PDF.
Can anybody please suggest me the possible solution.

The inbuilt Kibana reporting capability can only generate reports of the dashboards as you see them in Kibana. It basically opens a headless Chromium/Phantom inside the Node instance with the Kibana dashboard loaded and then creates the PDF from that page. If you've taken multiple dashboards and copied them into another iframe, you'll have to do this yourself. There are some PDF generating libs for JS that might work, like jsPDF, but I cannot guarantee it.

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