Unable to get AWS EC2 discovery to work with Logstash

I've also tried posting to the logstash group with no answer. I'm hoping
it's something simple otherwise I'll have to write my own discovery

I have been totally unable to get AWS EC2 discovery to work. If I change to
unicast discovery, it works fine.

The same configuration works fine from ElasticSearch, it doesn't work from

Any help at all is appreciated, this is driving my nuts.

I'm starting logstash with this.

java -cp
-jar logstash-1.1.13-monolithic.jar agent -f lsindexer.conf --log

cloud.aws.region: us-west-2

discovery.type: ec2
discovery.ec2.groups: Cabin
#discovery.ec2.tags.stage: dev
discovery.ec2.ping_timeout: 20

output {

stdout { debug => true debug_format => "json"}

elasticsearch {

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