Unable to get proper sort result with 1 Subbucket

I am new to Kibana 6.5.1 and wonder if someone can help. I'm not sure if this is currently supported. I'm trying to create a line graph with data plot based on count and date with grouping of Account type.
Y-Axis: count
X-Axis: Terms with run_date order by Alphabetical
It works fine. Date is sorted properly.
Next step, I added a sub-bucket using the account_type field.
Sub Aggregation: Terms
Field: account_type
The X-Axis field is not sorted properly. Date field (in integer - Julian date) is no longer in ascending order.
Is it possible to disable the sorting of the Sub Aggregation section or fix the X-Axis sorting?

I add a Date field to use an actual date (converted from Julian date) and changed the X-Axis to use Date histogram. The order seems to be good now.

Is there a way to force integer sort order as I notice there is an Advanced Setting with sort option?

Thank you

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If your x-axis is using a Terms agg, it only lets you order by some metric (either one you're displaying, or a custom one) or alphabetically. Since you want to sort alphabetically, this is fine in your use case. I attempted this locally with some sample data, and it works as expected, ordering alphabetically ascending and descending.

When I add another bucket, I get the same order on the X-Axis though, but it sounds like you don't. Is it possible for you to share a screenshot or details about all of your metric and bucket configuration? Here's mine:

I wonder if the "size" setting on the date field might be causing you issues, and maybe the results aren't what you expect them to be.

Thank you for your reply. Below is the graph I have.

The Julian date 2018297 should be in the middle but it is not.

Aggregation: Max
Field : duration

If I filtered out one of the job_id, it's sorted properly. It looks like if a sub-bucket is added, it changed the sorting result.

Thank you,

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