Unable to get snapshot information from repository with Curator

Hi there!
I configured both s3 repository in AWS, made a backup there, and it worked.

But now, I want to test the restore action with Curator.

I created new instance, installed ES, S3 plugin, curator, configured it to work, everything seems OK.

Now, I wanted to restore the data, from S3, to this instance, and when running curator command, I'm getting this error - "2018-12-11 11:34:09,583 ERROR Failed to complete action: restore. <class 'curator.exceptions.FailedExecution'>: Unable to get snapshot information from repository: elasticsearch_xxxx. Error: TransportError(500, u'repository_exception', u'[elasticsearch_xxxx] cannot create blob store')"

This is how my action file looks

    action: restore
    description: >-
      Restore all indices in the most recent snapshot with state SUCCESS.  Wait
      for the restore to complete before continuing.  Do not skip the repository
      filesystem access check.  Use the other options to define the index/shard
      settings for the restore.
      repository: elasticsearch_xxxx
      # If name is blank, the most recent snapshot by age will be selected
      # If indices is blank, all indices in the snapshot will be restored
      wait_for_completion: True
      max_wait: 3600
      wait_interval: 10
    - filtertype: state
      state: SUCCESS

What could be the problem ? (once again, the backup works).



This is an Elasticsearch error, not a Curator one. This implies that Curator is reaching out to perform a filesystem readiness check on the repository (using the associated Elasticsearch API call), and Elasticsearch is telling the client (Curator, in this case) that it is unable to do this.

Did you add the repository to your "new" instance in the exact same way as the "old" cluster? If so, are there permissions issues (perhaps access related) with the S3 bucket?

By the way, this filesystem readiness check requires write access to the S3 bucket, which is the likely reason for the cannot create blob store message.

I am sorry, it was a problem with my elasticsearch.yml , I already found it.


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