Unable to hide the top menu bar of kibana when using the discover page in HTML

Hello Everyone,

I have 2 versions of ELK -

  1. on AWS (version 7.1)
  2. on my own server (version 7.9)

My situation / requirement is to navigate to "discover" tab from dashboard, which I am achieving by making one of my column as type URL.

I am embedding my dashboards to a HTML using iframe "Share-> embed code -> saved Objects".

I have 2 identical dashboards in both AWS and Server, in which I have a dashboard that navigates me to discover page of kibana. Now my problem is - when I click on the hyperlink in the AWS dashboard, I get the discover page without the top menu bar (new, save, open, share , inspect) but in the server I get the top bar as well ,which I don't want. I have attached both of the screenshots below, Please let me know the solution.

AWS kibana (version 7.1) -

Kibana running on my server (version 7.9) -

To summarize my ideal expected output is the one I am getting in AWS, I wonder why I am not able to achieve it in on another server.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:


What link (which params) are you providing to navigate from dashboard to discover? Do you use the markdown visualization for that?

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Hello @matw,

I am changing the type to URL and giving the discover link as shown below.

URL Template is ( because its not completely visible in screenshot) -


I am not using markdown visualization for it. I am making a column of data table visualization as hyperlink and using it. Screen shot of the same is attached below-

Observe that the first column (PNR) is a hyperlink.

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