Unable to import_dashboards

trying to find out how to install Dashboards I face the challenge that Import_dashboards.exe Fails to download file: https://artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/beats/beats-dashboards/beats-dashboards-5.2.2.zip

that is however perfectly available.

Then I downloaded the mentioned .zip and called Import_dashboards.exe with the command -file and the filename.

now I get: fail to unzip the Archive.

I suggest, that the places where Import_dashboards likes to put the temp file is unreachable. (...\appData\local\temp) on my part.

Help please.

Michael Maaß

What version of Windows are you on? I'm also surprised that it had issues downloading the file, the URL seems fine.

Hi, Windows 7 Client


Can you paste the whole output that you get from import_dashboards?

partly solved:

My suggestion was correct as far as the temp Folder was not available when I tried to unzip the downloaded beats-dashboards.

I ran the terminal as an admin user which obviously didn't have a local profile on my machine.

Running the -file Option with my normal account, everything imports fine. (at least there are no fail Messages)

The normal Import (downloading the zip through the script) still does not work.

is there any logfile that would tell me more Detail than "fail to download"?


C:\Program Files (x86)\winlogbeat>scripts\import_dashboards.exe
Create temporary directory C:\Users\xxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp516364131
Downloading https://artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/beats/beats-dashboards/beats-dashboards-5.2.2.zip
fail to download file: https://artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/beats/beats-dashboards/beats-dashboards-5.2.2.zip

checked if the Temp Folder is available (it is)
no loglevel Parameter / debug Output for Import_dashboard.exe?!

/? or /h did not work....


You can get the help output with -h, but unfortunately there's no way to increase the verbosity of the logging. It could be that there's an error creating the file in the temporary folder, and not actually downloading it.

In any case, I'm opening a PR to improve the error reporting in that case.


Thank you!


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