Unable to install Fleet/Agent


I'm installing an ELk stack OnPrem for test purpose. (v7.14)
I want to try the Elastic Security suite, and manage to install Fleet and Agent on Windows Server.

Configuration of my stack ELK seems to be ok. Just I kept it insecure (without SSL).

I try to install my fleet server on a windows host following documentation and step in kibana interface, but without success.

When I try to launch the Fleet Server install I experienced always the same:

Firewall rules are all ok.
Elastic Agent service installed on Windows server, but stop after some minits.

When I replace "install" with "enroll", the Fleet Agent appear in the kibana interface, but stuck in updating status, and the fleet-server process on the windows server run at 100%cpu.

I try many things but nothing goes fine.

Can you please help me?

Finaly I do it differently.
I install the fleet server on a CentOS, with the rpm. Install was ok, but the documentation and the kibana workflow aren't up to date. I need to use the "enroll" option instead of "install" that didn't work.

After what I try to enroll elastic agent on windows server. This time the "install" option work great, and I got the message:
Successfully enrolled the Elastic Agent.
Elastic Agent has been successfully installed.

But at this step the fleet dashboard display the new agent, but stuck in updating mode. Only a restart of the Elastic Agent Service on the windows host resolve this and display it at Healthy.
I reproduce this 2 times.

Hope this could help some others people

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