Unable to install offline plugin analysis-icu-7.3.1.zip - error - NoSuchFileException

On Elastic Search 7.3.1 version
I am installing Plugin - analysis-icu-7.3.1.zip in offline mode.

while passing the command:
elasticsearch-plugin.bat install file:///mypath/analysis-icu-7.3.1.zip

Unfortunately I am getting the below java error of "NoSuchFileFound"

Downloading file:///C:/mypath/analysis-icu-7.3.1.zip
[=================================================] 100%
Exception in thread "main" java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: C:\Program Files\E

I the file plugin-descriptor.properties I found the following line of classname,


It looks like this .zip plugin is not really an offline plugin installer. I fear this command is downloading the required file from the internet, Hence i am getting an error of no such exception, since my server do not have an active internet connection

There's a difference between these two. What is the full path you are using?

The full path is C:/Users/myusername/documents/analysis-icu-7.3.1.zip

for readability purpose i made some changes in the above code.

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