Unable to install plugin analysis-icu in elasticsearch/plugin

'$ Elasticsearch-7.14.0/bin/Elasticsearch-plugin install' 'file:///scratch/fccs812/Elasticsearch-7.14.0/plugins/analysis-icu-7.14.0.zip'
'-> Installing file:///scratch/fccs812/Elasticsearch-7.14.0/plugins/analysis-icu-7.14.0.zip'
'-> Downloading file:///scratch/fccs812/Elasticsearch-7.14.0/plugins/analysis-icu-7.14.0.zip'
-> Failed installing file:///scratch/fccs812/Elasticsearch-7.14.0/plugins/analysis-icu-7.14.0.zip
-> Rolling back file:///scratch/fccs812/Elasticsearch-7.14.0/plugins/analysis-icu-7.14.0.zip
-> Rolled back file:///scratch/fccs812/Elasticsearch-7.14.0/plugins/analysis-icu-7.14.0.zip
Exception in thread "main" java.io.FileNotFoundException: /scratch/fccs812/Elasticsearch-7.14.0/plugins/analysis-icu-7.14.0.zip (No such file or directory)
at java.base/java.io.FileInputStream.open0(Native Method)
at java.base/java.io.FileInputStream.open(FileInputStream.java:211)
at java.base/java.io.FileInputStream.(FileInputStream.java:153)
at java.base/java.io.FileInputStream.(FileInputStream.java:108)
at java.base/sun.net.www.protocol.file.FileURLConnection.connect(FileURLConnection.java:86)
at java.base/sun.net.www.protocol.file.FileURLConnection.getInputStream(FileURLConnection.java:189)
at org.Elasticsearch.plugins.InstallPluginCommand.downloadZip(InstallPluginCommand.java:441)
at org.Elasticsearch.plugins.InstallPluginCommand.download(InstallPluginCommand.java:322)
at org.Elasticsearch.plugins.InstallPluginCommand.execute(InstallPluginCommand.java:243)
at org.Elasticsearch.plugins.InstallPluginCommand.execute(InstallPluginCommand.java:216)
at org.Elasticsearch.cli.EnvironmentAwareCommand.execute(EnvironmentAwareCommand.java:75)
at org.Elasticsearch.cli.Command.mainWithoutErrorHandling(Command.java:116)
at org.Elasticsearch.cli.MultiCommand.execute(MultiCommand.java:80)
at org.Elasticsearch.cli.Command.mainWithoutErrorHandling(Command.java:116)
at org.Elasticsearch.cli.Command.main(Command.java:79)
at org.Elasticsearch.plugins.PluginCli.main(PluginCli.java:36)

Also tried after unzip but failed as below.

-> Installing analysis-icu
-> Failed installing analysis-icu
-> Rolling back analysis-icu
-> Rolled back analysis-icu
Exception in thread "main" java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out (Connection timed out)
at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.socketConnect(Native Method)


It sounds like that your file can not be read. BTW, you should not put that zip file in the plugins dir of Elasticsearch I think.

/scratch/fccs812/Elasticsearch-7.14.0/plugins/analysis-icu-7.14.0.zip (No such file or directory)

Thanks for prompt response.

I am reffering below steps as metioned in link.

Could you please suggest what would be the best way to install the plugin?
Thanks for help.

As described here: ICU Analysis Plugin | Elasticsearch Plugins and Integrations [8.2] | Elastic

sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin install analysis-icu

Yes, I did try with sudo as well but no luck still same issue :frowning:

...Elasticsearch-7.14.0]$ sudo bin/Elasticsearch-plugin install analysis-icu
[sudo] password for fccs812:
-> Installing analysis-icu
-> Failed installing analysis-icu
-> Rolling back analysis-icu
-> Rolled back analysis-icu
Exception in thread "main" java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out
at java.base/sun.nio.ch.Net.connect0(Native Method)

I'd guess that your machine does not have an internet connection. Maybe something else. In which country are you?

I am from India.

Yes, you are correct I don't have internet connection on server hence trying to install plugin offline, download the package and install.

Steps executed so far..

  1. Downloaded package

  2. Extracted .zip file /scratch/fccs812/Elasticsearch-7.14.0/plugins

  3. try to install with below command.
    sudo bin/Elasticsearch-plugin install analysis-icu OR
    bin/Elasticsearch-plugin install analysis-icu OR
    Elasticsearch-7.14.0/bin/Elasticsearch-plugin install analysis-icu

Much appreciated for all your input so far, thanks!
Kindly advice if I can get this sorted asap.

There is no "step 2" in this guide: Custom URL or file system | Elasticsearch Plugins and Integrations [8.2] | Elastic

So if you have downloaded your file to /tmp/analysis-icu-7.9.2.zip, use:

sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin install file:///tmp/analysis-icu-7.9.2.zip

Please note that it won't work as you are running a 7.14.0 version. You need to download the same 7.14.0 version for the plugin.

Sorry, It was typo.

I am using same version as ES. 7.14.0 and looking for help to get install analysis-icu-7.14.0.zip the same.

I gave you the instructions for this.
Let me know if it does not work.

Please provide the details in that case.

Please don't post unformatted code, logs, or configuration as it's very hard to read.

Instead, paste the text and format it with </> icon or pairs of triple backticks (```), and check the preview window to make sure it's properly formatted before posting it. This makes it more likely that your question will receive a useful answer.

Yes, I did try with file location

sudo bin/Elasticsearch-plugin install file:///scratch/fccs812/Elasticsearch-7.14.0/plugins/analysis-icu-7.14.0.zip

Doesn't work!

Don't put anything in the plugins dir. This dir is managed by Elasticsearch.

It's not a clear error message here.

Try again. Remove first all the things you manually put in the plugins dir. If it does not work try with the --verbose option. I think that's the name of the option. If it's not, try -h to get help.

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Ok, I got it now. I removed everything from /Elasticsearch-7.14.0/plugins
and Installed analysis-icu plugin successfully.

I kept .zip file one folder UP analysis-icu-7.14.0.zip as below location /scratch/fccs812/Elasticsearch-7.14.0/analysis-icu-7.14.0.zip

$ ./Elasticsearch-plugin install file:////scratch/fccs812/Elasticsearch-7.14.0/analysis-icu-7.14.0.zip
-> Installing file:////scratch/fccs812/Elasticsearch-7.14.0/analysis-icu-7.14.0.zip
-> Downloading file:////scratch/fccs812/Elasticsearch-7.14.0/analysis-icu-7.14.0.zip
[=================================================] 100%
-> Installed analysis-icu
-> Please restart Elasticsearch to activate any plugins installed

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