Unable to install s3-repository plugin

Hi, I am trying to install s3-repository plugin but getting the following error:-

-> Installing repository-s3
[repository-s3] is no longer a plugin but instead a module packaged with this distribution of Elasticsearch
-> Please restart Elasticsearch to activate any plugins installed

I am using ES version 8.7.0.

This is not a plugin any more, it's included by default.

But When I am doing _cat/plugins , I am getting empty response.

May be because:


okay but then when I am trying _cat/plugins then also am not able to see any such plugin.

Also, Can I set up the s3.client.default.access_key and s3.client.default.secret_key using docker ENV variables without editing the elasticsearch.yaml file and getting inside the docker container bin directory?

That's expected, it's not a plugin any more.

These settings contain sensitive information and therefore go in the keystore.

Alright that means, there is no workaround?

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