Unable to login to app-search dashboard (self-hosted) after upgrading to 7.6.0

I recently upgraded to ES and App-Search 7.6.0. During install I chose to use the maintainers version for config files. Turns out that while everything else seems to be working fine, I'm unable to login to the app-search dashboard. I had not customized the login and password; and went with the system generated.

I referred to the documentation and ran ./app-search --reset-auth command. It did reset the password, but the new password doesn't work either.

Am I missing out on anything?

PS: I'd also like to know what's the right way to remove everything (app_search and ES) and perform a clean install from scratch. Is there any documentation that shows how to clean uninstall app-search?

@The-Big-K Hey, that's odd, not sure what is going on with your authentication. Are you still unable to reset the password?

As far as removing everything and starting from scratch, when I'm working with these projects locally, I simply delete the /data directory from my Elasticsearch. That may be what you're looking for.

EDIT: ^ That blows away all of your indexes and data as well, so proceed with caution. I typically just do this in my local environment when I'm developing.

Hi @The-Big-K

Have you set the configuration for app_search.external_url ?

I was having the same issue, and after setting app_search.external_url to the correct external URL (I'm using kubernetes), it all started to work.



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Thank you @JasonStoltzand @rafatz . Yes, I was able to get access to the dashboard after fixing my app_search.external_url setting. I had set it to the domain; but had to change it to the IP to make it work properly.

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