[Bug?] App Search Dashboard Fails To Load After Restarting The Server

I'm trying to install app search on ubuntu 18.04 and was able to successfully setup. Here's an overview of my setup:

  1. Installed Elasticsearch and App Search 7.4.2 via apt
  2. Added xpack.security.enabled: true to elasticsearch.yml
  3. Generated automatic passwords by running bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords auto and noted down the passwords.
  4. Added the following to app-search.yml:
    allow_es_settings_modification: true
    app_search.auth.source: standard
    elasticsearch.username: elastic
    elasticsearch.password: <password generated in step #3>
  5. Ran app-search by running bin/app-search

I then noted down the username and default password generated
username: app-search@example.com
password: hnrxxam9khgtq38u

I was able to login to the app-search console. I however then stopped the app-search by pressing CTRL+C and tried to restart with by running bin/app-search.

The server did start; but now I could not get to the dashboard again. The console output was as follows, while the chrome got into endless waiting for page state -

**app-server.1 |** [2019-11-02T13:20:08.019+00:00][6800][2268][app-server][INFO]: [c1d9ba72-f40e-4925-b5f0-56c1e9744054] Started GET "/" for at 2019-11-02 13:20:08 +0000
**app-server.1 |** [2019-11-02T13:20:08.044+00:00][6800][2268][action_controller][INFO]: [c1d9ba72-f40e-4925-b5f0-56c1e9744054] Processing by LocoTogo::HomeController#index as HTML
**app-server.1 |** [2019-11-02T13:20:08.047+00:00][6800][2268][action_controller][INFO]: [c1d9ba72-f40e-4925-b5f0-56c1e9744054] Parameters: {"host"=>"", "protocol"=>"http"}
**app-server.1 |** [2019-11-02T13:20:08.164+00:00][6800][2268][action_controller][INFO]: [c1d9ba72-f40e-4925-b5f0-56c1e9744054] Redirected to
**app-server.1 |** [2019-11-02T13:20:08.180+00:00][6800][2268][action_controller][INFO]: [c1d9ba72-f40e-4925-b5f0-56c1e9744054] Completed 302 Found in 130ms
**app-server.1 |** [2019-11-02T13:20:08.234+00:00][6800][2250][app-server][INFO]: [eb2e7e67-bfa5-4349-aaad-1add172b44ac] Started GET "/login" for at 2019-11-02 13:20:08 +0000
**app-server.1 |** [2019-11-02T13:20:08.245+00:00][6800][2250][action_controller][INFO]: [eb2e7e67-bfa5-4349-aaad-1add172b44ac] Processing by LocoTogo::SessionsController#login as HTML
**app-server.1 |** [2019-11-02T13:20:08.248+00:00][6800][2250][action_controller][INFO]: [eb2e7e67-bfa5-4349-aaad-1add172b44ac] Parameters: {"host"=>"", "protocol"=>"http"}
**app-server.1 |** [2019-11-02T13:20:08.295+00:00][6800][2250][action_view][INFO]: [eb2e7e67-bfa5-4349-aaad-1add172b44ac] Rendered eui_icons/_close.html (0.4ms)
**app-server.1 |** [2019-11-02T13:20:08.306+00:00][6800][2250][action_view][INFO]: [eb2e7e67-bfa5-4349-aaad-1add172b44ac] Rendered eui_icons/_lock.html (0.9ms)
**app-server.1 |** [2019-11-02T13:20:08.317+00:00][6800][2250][action_view][INFO]: [eb2e7e67-bfa5-4349-aaad-1add172b44ac] Rendered loco_togo/app/views/loco_togo/sessions/login.html.rb (47.4ms)
**app-server.1 |** [2019-11-02T13:20:08.320+00:00][6800][2250][action_controller][INFO]: [eb2e7e67-bfa5-4349-aaad-1add172b44ac] Completed 200 OK in 71ms (Views: 52.2ms)

I can confirm that I've repeatedly reproduced this issue. Can someone from Elastic team confirm that this is an issue? Or is there something wrong with my configuration?

Update 1: I've sent the diagnostics folder to support at swiftype dot com [#00405240]. I hope someone will look into this issue and respond.

Update 2: Here's an interesting observation I made. After restarting the server, if I just let chrome try to access the dashboard - it takes Chrome about 20-25 minutes of 'waiting' to fetch the page. I'm not sure what really happens in those ~25 minutes; because console doesn't output anything when the page actually loads. What could possibly be taking ~25 minutes to complete in the backend?

Thanks for reporting this @The-Big-K

From the logs it seems like the response times are in the milliseconds, so the 20-25 minute waiting time seems weird. Wondering if this can be a browser related thing; do you experience the same behavior with other browsers than Chrome?

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