Search UI sometimes asks for username and password

I am currently using an App Search instance for the backend and a React front end user interface based on elastic search-ui. The config for the SearchProvider element have the right authentication details (searchKey, endpointBase, and engineName).

I've been encountering a bit of a Heisenbug because sometimes, pulling up the search page sometimes triggers a alert box asking for a username and password. I can't figure out what the right username and password are, and that causes the search page to crash with a 404 error. However, the weird thing is this issue occurred on code that was working perfectly before. In addition, this bug also simply goes away after a while, after no changes have been made to the code. Help would be appreciated!

Hi @coding_martian :wave: What version of App Search are you using?

Hi @orhantoy, I'm using Enterprise Search v7.8

Bumping this to get a response soon

Hey @coding_martian, we've seen this bug before and at one point had a fix for it, there may have been a regression.

However, I believe users of your search experience will typically never see this error. AFAIK this can only occur to someone who has logged into the App Search dashboard, which is likely why you are experiencing it.

You can probably work around this for now by clearing cookies for the app search domain or terminating your current browser session and starting a new one.

Regardless, we will be working on a fix for this on our end.

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Thanks, did a cursory test and the bug did not pop up when I was signed out of the App Search Dashboard.

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