[Bug] Enterprise Search dashboard url pending

same as

    [2021-02-24T06:47:17.713+00:00][1602][2522][app-server][INFO]: [ca4b3fd5-d181-4c13-86ea-cebced39a3b5] Started GET "/welcome" for at 2021-02-24 06:47:17 +0000
    [2021-02-24T06:47:17.720+00:00][1602][2522][action_controller][INFO]: [ca4b3fd5-d181-4c13-86ea-cebced39a3b5] Processing by SharedTogo::HomeController#welcome as HTML
    [2021-02-24T06:47:17.900+00:00][1602][2522][action_view][INFO]: [ca4b3fd5-d181-4c13-86ea-cebced39a3b5]   Rendered shared_togo/app/views/shared_togo/home/welcome.html.rb (133.1ms)
    [2021-02-24T06:47:17.910+00:00][1602][2522][action_controller][INFO]: [ca4b3fd5-d181-4c13-86ea-cebced39a3b5] Completed 200 OK in 188ms (Views: 139.7ms)

I can't access dashboard url but get the Completed 200 OK log.
I'm pretty sure it is not a browser problem, I can't receive any data by sending http packet using tcp, but still get Completed 200 OK.
I guess this bug may be related to the http server.

@s97712 Could you tell us more about your setup? What version of Enterprise Search are you using, where do you have it installed?

@ orhantoy I setup up following Download Elastic Enterprise Search | Elastic

install by

wget https://artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/enterprise-search/enterprise-search-7.11.1.rpm
yum localinstall enterprise-search-7.11.1.rpm -y

Enterprise Search Version: 7.11.1
OS: centos7.6

@s97712 Do you think you could try the same thing using version 7.10 and see if you have the same issue?

I will try.

7.10 has same issue

7.10 has same issue.