Unable to push documents and index patterns in indexes in kibana plugin using core api

I am unable to push the documents in the newly created index and add new fields to it using the kibana core API . Although I was able to do it with the dev tool. i want to implement this feature in my plugin to add documents and add new fields to it.
Something like this -
POST index name/type

Can you share the code you used?

Hello @flash1293 ,

path: '/api/sip/addIndex',
validate: false,
async (context, request, response) => {
const body = {
mappings: {
properties: {
field1: { type: 'text' },
const results = await context.core.elasticsearch.client.asCurrentUser.indices.create({
index: 'harshit3',
return response.ok({
body: { results },
I was able to create indexes using this piece of code . Now I want to add documents in the way I provided in the screenshot along with some new fields . Any suggestions how can I implement this?

the context.core.elasticsearch.client.asCurrentUser.create method should allow you to create write new documents.

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