Trouble with creating index using kibana plugins

I wanted to use the create index and add documents in elasticsearch using the kibana plugin. Is there an API to do the same or if there is an existing implementation for it ?

Kibana does not have any APIs for creating indices or inserting document into elasticsearch, but Elasticsearch does have these APIs. The Elasticsearch client is available in server routes at context.core.elasticsearch.client

Here is an example of using Elasticsearch client to create an index in a Kibana route kibana/import_data.ts at master · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Hello @Nathan_Reese ,
Thanks,I was able to create an index using the core client function that you mentioned above, can you provide an example how I can add documents to this index . Also wanted to know how to create aliases/index patterns in the index?

To make the requiement more clear I want to implemnent this

POST index name/type
I'm able to do this with kibana dev tool , wanted to implement this in my plugin.

any updates on this one?

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