Unable to reroute logs emitted from logstash

Hi, I am stuck trying to reroute the path of logs coming from logstash.

In logstash.yml that is in etc/logstash I configured to send logs to ~/logstash as a test:

# ------------ Debugging Settings --------------
# Options for log.level:
#   * fatal
#   * error
#   * warn
#   * info (default)
#   * debug
#   * trace
# log.level: info
path.logs: ~/logstash

but this didnt work.

I am stuck on the logstash logs for a while :frowning: any one that can help will be welcome :slight_smile:

I wouldn't expect ~ to be expanded in this context, plus which user context are we talking about here? Try using an absolute path, and make sure that path is writable by the Logstash user.

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Thanks for the answer!

You are right and this was a silly mistake, also when I tested in different places I really forgot to check if it writable!

Thanks again!

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