Unable to retrieve Elastic data by using GeoServer CQL Filters

I am working in gis project. i am using elastic search plugin for GeoServer. So, I am able to access
Elastic search data in GeoServer. I am stored GeoJSON Data in Elastic search and also create mapping for geo-shape before indexing the GeoJSON Document.
The GeoJSON Structure would be like { "type":"Feature","properties":{"ABBREV":"Italy","NAME":"Italy",......}, "geometry":{"type":"MultiPolygon","coordinates":[values...]}}. I inserted multiple countries GeoJSON documents of same sturcture.
I am storing this kind of data in elastic search search And I Publish the layer in GeoServer using
ealstic search index. so, I can access the stored data through GeoServer. GeoServer providing WMS and WFS services for this data. so, I am able to retrieve this data by using WMS and WFS service. But, When I apply CQL Filters on this data based on fields , I am unable to retrieve WMS(Map) and WFS (GeoJSON format) data.
I am using in CQL filters -> "properties.ABBREV"='Italy' and also try with properties.ABBREV='Italy' . I am not got the GeoJSON data of Italy( wfs url) and map of Italy (WMS url).
and also I am checking with Match query in elastic search like "properties.ABBREV":"Italy" then it showing the matched document. But, when i apply CQL Filters, it didn't work. I am searching multiple references but I am unable to get solution for this problem. Could please help on this or provide some references to solve this issue.

Since it works when you are communicating with Elasticsearch directly, I think it might be better to ask this question in GeoServer mailing list or IRC channel or by contacting the plugin author.

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