Unable to search string from multiline exceptions


I have setup logs managemnt system as Filebeat -> Logstash-> Elasticsearch -> Kibana.

I am able to send logs and also able to see the logs in kibana but I am not able to see any result if there is exception (java exception).

Following is example of my log entry:

20.04.2019 10:28:26.811 *ERROR* [ [XXXXXXXXXXX] GET /content/mysite/th_TH/index.html HTTP/1.1] com.TESTDOMAIN.web.services.schema.SchemaService Error in youtube FAILED, Reason: Forbidden
com.TESTDOMAIN.exception.HttpClientException: Request FAILED, Reason: Forbidden
	at com.TESTDOMAIN.impl.JerseyHttpClient.get(JerseyHttpClient.java:104) [com.TESTDOMAIN.admin:20.4.3.NEW-VALUE]
	at com.TESTDOMAIN.web.services.schema.SchemaServiceImpl.populateVideoSchemaData(SchemaServiceImpl.java:616) [com.TESTDOMAIN.web:20.4.3.NEW-VALUE]
	at com.TESTDOMAIN.web.tag.models.VideoSchemaTag.getVideoSchemaJson(VideoSchemaTag.java:43) [com.TESTDOMAIN.web:20.4.3.NEW-VALUE]

I can see this message in ELK which I fetched using multiline pattern. I can search logs using "Error in youtube" but not with "VideoSchema"

There is no modification in any template group. Could you please suggest what I making mistake?

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