Unable to start elasticsearch


I am unable to start Elasticsearch on docker. Refer following screenshot for error.

Can anyone help me to solve this error.
Elasticsearch version - 6.4.3


Best to copy/paste the text of the error, it seems the error mentions two causes and this most likely cause from incorrect definition on docker side with the volume used for data folder:

  1. /usr/share/elasticsearch/data is read-only
  2. /usr/share/elasticsearch/data is already used/locked by another node (another docker container)

Can you check both those points

  1. docker inspect <container_id> would show if a read-only volume is used (or just check with the docker CLI options you used, or docker-compose service defintion for example...)
  2. Secondly you should check that the volume is only used by a single container. For example just use a different/new volume for that container and check if the error goes away


Hi @Julien ,

Thanks for reply.

I am able to solve issue by deleting node.lock file.

Thanks & Regards

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