Unable to start Kibana process

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I am trying to install kibana using rpm kibana-4.5.0-1.x86_64.rpm.
However when i try to start the Kibana process, i am getting below prompt
Starting kibana....... unable to start process kibana.

To check the reason i have enabled log file by setting the below parameter in kibana.yml :
logging.dest: /opt/kibana/kibana.log

However no log file is getting created and i am unable to identify why kibana process is not starting.

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What OS are you on?

(Welborntellis) #3

Redhat Linux 1.6

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Can you try starting it by calling the binary directly?

(Welborntellis) #5

How can i call the binary and where will i find the binary?

(Mark Walkom) #6

For 4.X it's /opt/kibana/bin/kibana.

(Welborntellis) #7

I tried calling the binary file..
i got below error:

FATAL CLI ERROR YAMLException: end of the stream or a document separator is expected at line 16, column 1:
elasticsearch.url: "http://10.13 ...
at generateError (/opt/kibana/node_modules/js-yaml/lib/js-yaml/loader.js:160:10)
at throwError (/opt/kibana/node_modules/js-yaml/lib/js-yaml/loader.js:166:9)
at readDocument (/opt/kibana/node_modules/js-yaml/lib/js-yaml/loader.js:1498:5)
at loadDocuments (/opt/kibana/node_modules/js-yaml/lib/js-yaml/loader.js:1538:5)
at load (/opt/kibana/node_modules/js-yaml/lib/js-yaml/loader.js:1555:19)
at Object.safeLoad (/opt/kibana/node_modules/js-yaml/lib/js-yaml/loader.js:1573:10)
at module.exports (/opt/kibana/src/cli/serve/read_yaml_config.js:47:19)
at Command.callee$1$0$ (/opt/kibana/src/cli/serve/serve.js:66:22)
at tryCatch (/opt/kibana/node_modules/babel-runtime/regenerator/runtime.js:67:40)
at GeneratorFunctionPrototype.invoke [as _invoke] (/opt/kibana/node_modules/babel-runtime/regenerator/runtime.js:315:22)
at GeneratorFunctionPrototype.prototype.(anonymous function) [as next] (/opt/kibana/node_modules/babel-runtime/regenerator/runtime.js:100:21)
at invoke (/opt/kibana/node_modules/babel-runtime/regenerator/runtime.js:136:37)
at enqueueResult (/opt/kibana/node_modules/babel-runtime/regenerator/runtime.js:185:17)
at new Promise (/opt/kibana/node_modules/babel-core/node_modules/core-js/modules/es6.promise.js:197:7)
at Promise.exports.(anonymous function).target.(anonymous function).function.target.(anonymous function).F (/opt/kibana/node_modules/babel-runtime/node_modules/core-js/library/modules/$.export.js:30:36)
at AsyncIterator.enqueue (/opt/kibana/node_modules/babel-runtime/regenerator/runtime.js:184:12)

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it is working now, there was a slight mistake in the kibana.yml.

thanks @warkolm

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