Unable to start logstash service Windows server 64 bit


I have downloaded and unzipped logstash and tried to install it as service using nssm. Logstash gets successfully installed but when i try to start the service it is showing as below screenshot.
This is the errors showing in system event logs.
i have changed the location of unziped logstash folder and tried but still showing same issue.

The most likely path to logstash.bat is not OK.
Make sure that .conf is working correctly in the command line.

Check you nssm settings. Run cmd/ps with admin privs
nssm.exe edit logstash (set your correct service name)

In the Application tab review next 3 parameter:

  • Path: Path to logstash.bat: C:\logstash-8.5.1\bin\logstash.bat
  • Startup Directory: Path to the bin directory: C:\logstash-8.5.1\bin
  • Arguments: For this example to start Logstash: -f C:\logstash-8.5.1\config\<youfilename>.conf (I think it's supported event directory, but will add all files from config directory)

After following those steps its showing error as below

Can you run: nssm edit < servicename >
If you have moved directory you have to set correct values.

i believe i have set the correct path .

I cannot see, have you put -f at the begging of Arguments? Other params looks OK.

Yes i have added -f at argument

Have you put nssm.exe in logstash\bin directory?
I have noticed it's in a different directory.

i have changed nssm to logstash\bin directory and tried but still didn't worked showing the same error

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