Unable to use OpenJDK distribution with Elasticsearch

Trying to run elasticsearch-8.3.3-windows-x86_64 release with OpenJDK 19 Early Access Build 35. But my locally installed OpenJDK 19 is ignored and used bundled Oracle JDK version 18 while starting elasticsearch for the first time. Need to try out some JVM Experimental parameters with elasticsearch. Any suggestions.

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Did you look at this

To use your own version of Java, set the ES_JAVA_HOME environment variable. If you must use a version of Java that is different from the bundled JVM, we recommend using a supported LTS version of Java. Elasticsearch will refuse to start if a known-bad version of Java is used. The bundled JVM directory may be removed when using your own JVM

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Thank You @stephenb . But the next LTS version is Java 21 in September 2023. Does it mean that in order to try Virtual Threads and Structured Concurrency with Elastic Search, there will be a waiting time of more than one year. Then how come oracle non-LTS JDK 18 version considered?.

Did you try setting ES_JAVA_HOME ?

What was the result?

It says we recommend an LTS. I don't believe it's required to start elasticsearch.

Your message above does not look like you set the correct environment variable. Perhaps I'm missing something.

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That works @stephenb. Thank You.

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