JDK for ElasticStack

I have downloaded latest Elastic search for windows and I can see that JDK folder is available in the ElasticSearch folder. Does this mean that we don't need to depend on external jdk for whole Elastic Stack ?

Since ElasticStack depends on Java, How does Oracle JDK Licensing affect the users using Elastic Stack ?

Java (JVM) Version (https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/edit/7.2/docs/reference/setup.asciidoc)

Elasticsearch is built using Java, and includes a bundled version of OpenJDK from the JDK maintainers (GPLv2+CE) within each distribution. The bundled JVM is the recommended JVM and is located within the jdk directory of the Elasticsearch home directory.

To use your own version of Java, set the JAVA_HOME environment variable. If you must use a version of Java that is different from the bundled JVM, we recommend using a supported LTS version of Java. Elasticsearch will refuse to start if a known-bad version of Java is used. The bundled JVM directory may be removed when using your own JVM.

Thanks for the info.

Is it recommended to use the bundled JVM ( located within the jdk directory of the Elasticsearch home directory) in production or Would you suggest us to use our own version of Java for Production instances !!

We use bundled JVM in production for all our customers.
Also all dev are based on openJDK

ok. thank you

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