Unable to view hosted elastic monitoring logs

We are currently experiencing problems with hosted elastic cluster, and tried to look at the logs to troubleshoot. However, the logs only show one page, and state: logs 1 of NaN. This means we have transparency into about the last 15 min of elastic activity.

What can we do to access logs beyond the first page?

If this is related to Elastic Cloud I would recommend you contact support.

Thanks! @Christian_Dahlqvist! That was great advice. I asked elastic for help, and learned:

> This is a known issue, and we have a fix in the pipeline that we are hoping to deploy this month.  Since this is a platform issue you will not need to upgrade anything on your end to receive the fix, this will go out automatically.
> In the meantime, you can manually browse the log pages by adding in query parameters to the logs url.  Entering a search into the logs search bar will also add the appropriate query parameters that you can adjust as needed.  The parameters are:
> * offset  -  the number of the log entry to start your display from, with the most recent entry being offset=0
> * limit  -  the number of log entries to display on the page
> * q  -  search query in the logs

Hopefully this will help someone else who encounters the same issue.

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