Unassign shard

I know this has been ask many time. but can't find answer or fix my problem

I had two node test cluster.
I just abruptly shutdown/remove one node.

all the shards are there but some are saying unassigned and r

rally-metrics-2019-09 0 p STARTED 16707 2.3mb elktst01
rally-metrics-2019-09 0 r UNASSIGNED

rally-races-2019-09 0 p STARTED 6 101.1kb elktst01
rally-races-2019-09 0 r UNASSIGNED

so look like these second is secondary shard but because system is gone they are unassigned.
I don't care if it gets deleted or reassign to same server
how do I make them green again?

cluster status is yellow. everything works as accepted due to distributed nature.

The r means replica. If you reconfigure your indices to have zero replicas, those unassigned replicas will go away. What I have sometimes done instead is configure indices for auto-expansion so that when a node is added I will still get replica shards.

I am not going to add node to this mix anymore so did following and all working and green

PUT /*/_settings
"index" : {
"auto_expand_replicas": false

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