unavailableShardsException what should I do?

Well I have tried over the past few days to get some information as to
what I should do about this unavailableShardsException I have, my
situation is that I have indexed a couchdb db using river, now I would
like to index another db so that I have two separate indexes and two
separate rivers running.

When I do

curl -XPUT -d @elasticsearch.json

I get
"error":"UnavailableShardsException[[_river][0] [2] shardIt, [0]
active : Timeout waiting for [1m], request: index
{[_river][copycat_content][_meta], source[{ "type" : "couchdb",
"couchdb" : { "host" : "localhost", "port" :
5984, "db" : "copycat_content", "filter" : null

How do I fix this? Definining mapping beforehand did not work, and
anyway I don't think I should have to do this by my understanding of
the river documentation?

I have a working index already, holding 13 thousand documents.

I'm on mac, this is just a personal little development machine for testing.

Should I delete elasticsearch and start again? Is there a particular
command I should run to do so, to clean everything up? Should I maybe
just delete indexes and start again.

Bryan Rasmussen

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