Elasticsearch 0.90.0: UnavailableShardsException

Hello everyone,

I am using Elasticsearch 0.90.0. When I am trying to put a json doc in
some index, I am getting an exception named UnavailableShardsException. I
don't have any idea why I am getting this exception. I tried:

curl -v -XPUT "http://localhost:9200/index-15-10-14/type-15-10-14/123" -d

and what I am getting is this:

{"error":"UnavailableShardsException[[index-15-10-14][4] [2] shardIt, [0]
active : Timeout waiting for [1m], request: index
{[index-15-10-14][type-15-10-14][123], source[{}]}]","status":503}

I also tried to change no. of replicas of the index, as follows:

curl -v -XPUT "http://localhost:9200/index-15-10-14/_settings?pretty" -d

  • "index": {*
  • "number_of_replicas": 0*
  • }*
    but, no luck. When I am using elasticsearch-head plugin to view it, it

Please help!

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