Undefined reading 'searchSourceJSON' Postfix dashboard


I am trying to port the elastic-kibana-postfix .json files to .ndjson files to visualize a dashboard for Postfix for Elasticsearch 8.10.2. The PR and issue discussion are available at the following links:

The .ndjson files get imported correctly, but, when I try to open Dashboards -> [Filebeat Postfix] Overview it throws the following error:

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'searchSourceJSON')

I removed the searchSourceJSON field from kibanaSavedObjectMeta key. Is this mandatory? Can anyone please assist in porting the JSON files correctly?

Thank you!

How are you generating those ndjson files?

I am not generating the ndjson files. I manually converted the json files from https://github.com/ActionScripted/elastic-kibana-postfix/tree/master/kibana to ndjson until they imported cleanly.

Thanks for your reply!

Wouldn't be a better approach to import those saved objects in a clean kibana instance, upgrade the stack up to the desired target so Kibana migrates them appropriately, and then finally export them? :thinking:

I have been able to import the .json files to 6.5.1 Elasticsearch and Kibana versions. I shall try your approach to upgrade them. Thank you for the suggestion.

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