Cannot import dashboard

I have an export.ndjson file that I have downloaded. when I try to import it to another kibana it gives me "Sorry, there was an error
The file could not be processed." error

elasticsearch , kibana version is 7.5

please find the export.ndjson

Hi Chamiduz,
I've tried importing the data in both 7.9 and 7.5 and was able to import the file successfully.
It says "Successfully imported 533 objects.", and I don't know how many you were expecting, but assuming that number is correct I can't seem to reproduce the problem.

Could you try again and look into your Kibana Server log to see if any error is displayed there?
It might also be worth looking in the browser's console in case something on the front end had trouble uploading the file.


Hi Gidi,

Thank you for your reply. I have tried multiple times using the kibana import option and could not import it.
Then I tried the kibanas import API. I reformatted the ndjson file to a valid json and was able to successfully import all the saved objects.

however, I'm using kibana via nginx and can that be an issue for the import function ?? I was accessing the kibana without the port.

That's interesting... What was the exact changes you made?

TBH I can't see how nginx would make a difference given that it worked for you when you changed the file contents.... :thinking:

in ndjson file, objects were not separated with coma and not wrapped with square brackets. I added them but still couldn't import it in one go. I had to import part by part.

ndjson was in following formate

i changed it to

first I tried with kibana import option like in the screenshot and it gave me the error with the original ndjson file

second time I tired via kibana API with updated one. but this time I accessed the api via kibana port. for this also i had to made some changes. I had to increase request size and elasticsearch timeout configurations from 30000 to 300000 which actually not effected. thats why I had to import the objects part by part

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