Import Saved Objects from Newer Version (ndjson) to Older Version (json)

The following error message appears when I tried to import saved objects that were in ndjson format into a Kibana version that accepts only json format.

Sorry, there was an error. The file could not be processed.

In the real world, we have multiple environments (e.g. DEV, STG, QA, PRD) that are not always in the same version. The format change in the import functionality should be better managed (e.g. introduce a transition period by accepting both formats) because it is breaking all deployments in higher environments.


  • How can we import saved objects in ndjson format into a Kibana version that accepts only json format?

  • Does Elastic team have a tool for us to convert saved objects between the 2 formats?

Hey @Zany how are you trying to import the saved-objects, are you using the Saved Object APIs? Also, which version are you exporting into what target version? We try to keep imports from previous versions of Kibana working with newer versions of Kibana. However, it's not supported to go from a newer version of Kibana to a previous version of Kibana.

Hi Brandon_Kobel, I was trying to import the saved objects from v7.4 to v6.8 via the UI.

Hey @Zany, that unfortunately isn't going to work. You can import from v6.8 to v7.4, but not from v7.4 to v6.8

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