Unable to import saved objects from Kibana 7.8.0 to 8.1.0

Hello team,
I'm unable to import saved objects (test.ndjson)from Kibana- 7.8.0 to Kibana-8.1.0, getting below error:
Sorry, there was an error
The file could not be processed due to error: "Internal Server Error"

No error captured in kibana log file.
Tried restarting Elasticsearch and Kibana, but didn't help.
Verified the JSON format for test.ndjson, its well formed JSON.

Please suggest how to address this error.


Is it possible for you to upgrade the stack to 7.17 and then export and import saved objects to 8.1.0?
We have had a bunch of migrations between 7.8.0 and 8.1.0.

7.17 is our path to upgrade to 8.1.0.

Keep me posted.



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