Unable to import saved objects file

Hi all,

I was doing a full restore of all of the saved objects when migrating my elastic datasource.

Elastic 7.7.1
Kibana 7.7.1

I got a full export from /api/saved_objects/_export to an ndjson file.

When trying to upload this file, i got timeouts from the terminal after 2 minutes.
The GUI also ran for a minute and failed to import without an error.

The file with the saved objects had around 5000 objects.

To import the objects i had to split the ndjson file into 4 separate files.

Has anyone else encountered this?

Are there any settings that need to be changed to fix this?

What was the error message exactly? It should always show a reason.

Screenshot 2020-09-10 at 21.23.06
I have attached a screenshot of the manual upload via the gui, i have checked the logs and i can only see that the import api was invoked. I also forgot to mention the size of the file which is 14mb.

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