Full Export Saved Objects -> Import

Hi from Argentina.

I've exported all my saved objects using Elastic/Kibana 7.10, the result was a 12 MB ndjson file.
Now I'm trying to import it using Kibana/Elastic 7.12 hosted in GKE
Google Kubernetes Engine ("build_type" : "docker") and I'm getting a Request Timeout error from the Import Saved Objects screen.

I've tried both options: Check existing objects and overwrite conflicts and generate new objects with random ids

I can't figure out if the error is a timeout between Kibana and Elastic or between Kibana and my PC due a network timeout.

Any help?

Thanks in advance

HI @Luis_Garcia Welcome to the community.

First thing I would try is to increase server.maxPayloadBytes in the kibana.yml see here

Thanks Stephen, will do it and keep you updated about the results.

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