Dashborad Export Import

Dear Team,
I am trying to export dashboards and visualizations to move on a new setup, from Kibana console. But, while importing the Json file, i am getting below erro:

"Saved Objects: The file could not be processed."

Can you suggest what could be the error cause? is there any way to move Kibana objects?

*It's Kibana 4.5.1
*i read about elasticdump but hoping there should be in built utilities.

Thanks & Regards

Hi there, this is kind of a wild guess, but when you exported your Dashboard did you remember to export the associated Visualizations and Searches? See this related question: How to save dashboard as json file


I refereed this post and was trying to import the Json file and ended with that error.

I exported Dashboards + Visualization, also tried exporting all objects. In both cases, while importing it throws error saying "Saved Objects: The file could not be processed."

Would you mind sharing the file you're trying to import? We can take a look and see if there are any formatting errors or anything like that.

Do you have a screenshot about your issue? @piyush

Are you trying to move dashboards from Kibana 4.5.1 to another instance running the same version or are you trying to migrate to Kibana 4.5.1 from an older version?

Both are kibana 4.5.1

PFB snapshot:

Hi Team,
The problem is solved, thanks for your attention and assistance.

I was downloading those Json files from a remote location and due to permission error, that input file used to overwritten by error messages. And for Kibana it was a corrupted file, so wasn't able to import. I realized that while send files to Mr. cjcenizal.

Apologies for inconvenience caused, wasn't expecting permission error on those files.

Thanks & Regards