Understanding Cluster health from local node

(shashank) #1


what does it mean to do GET /_cluster/health? with local = true passed as query parameter

ElasticSearch documentation says
If true returns the local node information and does not provide the state from master node. Default: false.

Does this mean that setting local to true will give a cluster health as seen from local node ? or does it tell about the state of the indices/shards that are present in local node as opposed to masternode. If latter holds true, what does the status green|red|yellow status indicate since we are talking about only 1 node and not the master

In what scenarios setting local to true and setting local to false will give different results?

(Mark Walkom) #2

Yes, you could use it to tell if there's been a split brain for eg.

(shashank) #3

does this also mean,
when there is no split brain, setting local to true is same as setting to false ?

(Mark Walkom) #4

The results should be the same, yes.

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