Understanding multiple ES nodes

(Jason) #1

I have just added a second ES node and created a cluster of those two nodes. The index I am using has replication disabled. One ES node is master, both are data and ingest. I have a logstash instance pointing to one ES node.

I'm looking at the index on both ES nodes using:


The results on both ES nodes is identical.

Is this expected? I assumed that in this configuration, the ES node that logstash was pointed at would decide whether or not it would store the incoming document in it's own index, or in the index of the other ES node in the cluster. With replication disabled, I am surprised to see the same data on both ES nodes. Unless my understanding is severely wrong :slight_smile:

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

Elasticsearch works as a cluster, which means you can access all data from any node, no matter where it is stored. Elasticsearch will distribute shards across the cluster, so the data is not necessarily stored where the indexing request is received.

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