Unifi Ubiquity USG IPS Suricata Filebeat Logging

So with some help from multiple sources. On Elastic 7.6.2 and Unifi Controller 5.12.66


Here is how you install Filebeat on the USG with the Suricata module and what you need to edit in the suricata*.yaml files in order to send your events/alerts to ES.

Unifi has been dragging their feet on getting the logs outside these devices.
Items left to do here is see if the suricata*.yaml files get overwritten and find a way to get Filebeat to run as a service. You couldn't just install filebeat as you see in the youtube because you recompile it for mips64


FYI the firmware updates will wipe out all your changes on the USG and you will need to re input the surcata*.yaml changes as well as redeploy the filebeat mips service.

Yeah that's a real PITA for things like USGs. When I set this up a while back, I did find a blog/post/something to script a reinstall process, but I can't find it now sorry :frowning:

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