Unified highlighter on postings or term_vector fields?

(Benjamin) #1

Hi !
Should I use a unified highlighter on postings or term_vector fields? Which one gives the fastest highlighter?
I have documents with large text fields that will be highlighted.

(Mayya Sharipova) #2

As stated in the guide: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/master/search-request-highlighting.html, highlighting with postings should take much less space, so this should be a recommended option for a unified highlighter.
But if you need to run multi-term queries like prefix or wildcard, it is recommended for you to use term_vectors, as postings don't provide enough information. For these types of queries an expensive analysis needed to be done during query time if term_vectors are not available.

(Aslamy) #3

Thank you for your answer. But my question specifically was about performance. "Which one gives the fastest highlighter?"

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